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Southeastern Wisconsin Alpine Team Racing

Instructions to request membership for your athlete[s] in SWATeam Racing


  • Requests sent to us after February  11 2023 on the "CONTACT US" form will automatically add your athlete(s) name to our 2023-2024 WAITING LIST.  
  • CURRENTLY, we have 33 new request on our waiting list, your athlete(s) name will be added to that list.  
  • SWATeam will contact you via the information you entered on the "CONTACT US" form in late JANUARY 2024 TO SCHEDULE an ON-THE-SNOW SKIING SKILLS EVALUATION for your athlete(s).  
    • Your athlete must have their own ski equipment, or renting high end ski equipment for the season is acceptable. Having to rent equipment from Alpine Valley for the evaluation is not acceptable. TWIN TIP skis not acceptable! Ski Racing requires "top of the line" skis and binding brands. 
    • Your athlete should currently be skiing at least three days or more a week. Our programs are three (3) sessions a week.  
    • Make sure you read about our training and race schedules. SWATeam expects a full commitment from athletes to participate in all sessions we offer.    
    • Athletes who have a background in ski racing, currently or have been a member of a USSS race team (United States Skiing Snowboarding Association) have priority evaluations to our team. Club racing, NASTAR racing do not qualify as "previous or current racing experience. Please note their past or current race status on the Contact Us form, i.e. what team they are currently on or recent past racing experience. 

 Please complete the "Contact Us" form found under the drop box "MORE". 

NEW as of January 17, 2022: The age requirement to join SWATeam has been changed to 7 years of age.

Southeastern Wisconsin Alpine Team Racing, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization formed for charitable and educational purposes to teach amateur athletes in the sport of Alpine ski racing. One hundred percent [100%] of your donation is incorporated into our programs and helps SWATeam purchase equipment needed. Your donation to SWATeam is tax deductible.